Rating System

Gameday Network’s Rating System

Many viewers ask us how our rating system works, so we have dedicated this page to explaining our entire rating system. Each day we will provide a rating with our releases, which is designed to give our clients a feel for how “strong” the release actually is. Some releases we give out are much stronger than others, thus the reason for the rating system. The following is a 101 course defining our rating system:

PLEASE NOTE: ALL of our VIP HIGH ROLLER CLUB Membership Packages include ALL of our STAR-RATED plays. You get ALL of our 50*, 40*, 30*, 20*, 10*, and 5* releases plus ALL of our KEY INFORMATION, INNER CIRCLE, and LAS VEGAS ACTION plays. One set of plays for ALL clients, no matter if you bet $50 a game or $50,000 a game. BLUE RIBBON PLAYS are additional plays that we release each week and are avilable for ALL to purchase. You can purchase these plays for $49.95 per play or you can add it to your package(if you bought a FULL SEASON or YEAR PACKAGE) for an additional fee of $499.95. We WIN for small and big players. It’s our job, it’s what we do!


5-50*: Each VIP release is accompanied by a star rating. The 50* releases are the strongest releases, while the 5* releases are the lowest-rated VIP releases we give out. Obviously, 40* releases would be the second strongest, 30* releases the third most strongest, etc…

CATEGORY: Each release is accompanied by a star rating, plus a specefic category. We have three categories for VIP CLUB releases. They are as follows:

– KEY INFORMATION: These releases are the absolute BEST VIP HIGH ROLLER CLUB releases we have. These plays are derived from extraordinary TOP LEVEL information that we acquire from our sources. These are the same plays we sell to other sports syndicates and handicapping services, who end up reselling these plays for inflated prices to cover the costs we imply them. These plays are also purcharsed by services who submit the picks in prestigious handicapping contests in Las Vegas(ie The HILTON).

– INNER CIRCLE: These releases are the same plays that we only play within our network and private players club. We do not make these available to other syndicates and services, as we like to fool the public into betting the other side so we can get the plays at generous numbers. These plays are derived from wiseguy information, exclusive vegas sportsbook power ratings(unavailable to the public), state-of-the-art computer software betting systems, and soft lines.

– LAS VEGAS ACTION: These releases come directly from our wiseguy associates in vegas, who have inside knowledge of the money action and wiseguy bets at las vegas sportsbooks. We know who and where some of the sharpest bettors in the country are betting(and how much) at las vegas sportsbooks and we use that information to place bets on those games ourselves. We are talking about the action of some of vegas’s legendary sports bettors and most successful national betting syndicates whom we respect greatly.

GRADING: On certain picks, we may attach a specefic grading. For example, we will accompany a grade to any release if it is a GAME of the WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, etc… The grades are just an extra label to describe the play more in-depth. Obviously we will only have one 50* KEY INFO GAME of the YEAR play for each sport, so it’s wise to ante up when you see us label it that. We do, so you should too.

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